It seems that our fast-import is super picky with regards to author
names. I've encountered author names like

Foo Bar<foo....@dev.null>
Foo Bar <foo....@dev.null

in the self-hosting repo of some other dvcs, and the question is how to
translate them faithfully into a git author name. In general, we try to do

fullotherdvcsname <none@none>

if the other system's entry does not parse as a git author name, but
fast-import does not accept either of

Foo Bar<foo....@dev.null> <none@none>
"Foo Bar<foo....@dev.null>" <none@none>

because of the way it parses for <>. While the above could be easily
turned into

Foo Bar <foo....@dev.null>

it would not be a faithful representation of the original commit in the
other dvcs.

So the question is:

- How should we represent botched author entries faithfully?

As a cororollary, fast-import may need to change or not.


P.S.: Yes, dvcs=hg, and the "earlier" remote-hg helper chokes on these.
garbage in crash out :(
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