On Fri, Nov 02, 2012 at 04:17:14PM +0100, Johannes Schindelin wrote:

> > If so, then this series isn't regressing behavior; the only downside is
> > that it's an incomplete fix. In theory this could get in the way of the
> > full fix later on, but given the commit messages and the archive of this
> > discussion, it would be simple enough to revert it later in favor of a
> > more full fix. Is that accurate?
> From my understanding, yes.
> > Sorry if I am belaboring the discussion. I just want to make sure I
> > understand the situation before deciding what to do with the topic. It
> > sounds like the consensus at this point is "not perfect, but good enough
> > to make forward progress".
> I appreciate that stance very much. The patch Sverre and I proposed was
> also an incomplete fix (although I suspect it would fix the issue you
> pointed out above), so I agree with the "perfect is the enemy of the good"
> approach, obviously.

Thanks for the response.

> May I just ask to include a summary of that rationale into the commit
> message rather than relying on people having internet access and knowing
> where to look? Adding the following to the commit message would be good
> enough for me:
>       Note that
>               $ git branch foo master~1
>               $ git fast-export foo master~1..master
>       still does not update the "foo" ref, but a partial fix is better
>       than no fix.

Yes, I think that makes a lot of sense.

Felipe, I notice that you sent out a big "fast-export improvements"
series. Does that supersede this?

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