On Tue, Oct 30, 2012 at 10:50:42AM +0100, karsten.bl...@dcon.de wrote:

> 'update-index --refresh' and 'diff-index' (without --cached) don't honor
> the core.preloadindex setting yet. Porcelain commands using these (such as
> git [svn] rebase) suffer from this, especially on Windows.
> Use read_cache_preload to improve performance.
> Additionally, in builtin/diff.c, don't preload index status if we don't
> access the working copy (--cached).
> Results with msysgit on WebKit repo (2GB in 200k files):
>                 | update-index | diff-index | rebase
> ----------------+--------------+------------+---------
> msysgit-v1.8.0  |       9.157s |    10.536s | 42.791s
> + preloadindex  |       9.157s |    10.536s | 28.725s
> + this patch    |       2.329s |     2.752s | 15.152s
> + fscache [1]   |       0.731s |     1.171s |  8.877s

Cool numbers. On my quad-core SSD Linux box, I saw a few speedups, too.
Here are the numbers for "update-index --refresh" on the WebKit repo
(all are wall clock time, best-of-five):

             | before | after
  cold cache | 4.513s | 2.059s
  warm cache | 0.252s | 0.164s

Not as dramatic, but still nice. I wonder how a spinning disk would fare
on the cold-cache case, though.  I also tried it with all but one CPU
disabled, and the warm cache case was a little bit slower.

Still, I don't think we need to worry about performance regressions,
because people who don't have a setup suitable for it will not turn on
core.preloadindex in the first place. And if they have it on, the more
places we use it, probably the better.

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