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Pete Wyckoff <p...@padd.com> wrote:

> Thanks, that is interesting output.
> Adding Vitor who knows his way around the branch detection
> code.  The first mail by Arthur is here, which focuses more
> on the backtrace from "p4 describe" errors, but also suggests
> something is dodgy in branch detection:
>     http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.comp.version-control.git/208693
> I'm not sure if this is a --verbose run, though, as I don't see
> any chatter like "branch is xxx".  So I'm not sure if the
> auto-parent detection code got run.
> The "unable to resolve reference" comes from refs.c, which is
> when fast-import calls update_branch() on each of the changed
> branches as it is finishing.
> Vitor, what could git-p4 have done to create a branch name called
> "refs/remotes/p4/depot/MAINLINE/02_SubSystem/10_ARINC_429"?
> Any other questions for Arthur?

Hi Arthur,

Could you please share with us your git-p4.branchList configuration?
Would it also be possible to describe a bit more on your depot
structure? I'm particularly concerned about its integration history.

I suspect the error you are experiencing is connected to a wrong
configuration. Please take into account that each entry must be in the
form of origin:destination, where "origin" is the folder used as the
source of the integration to "destination" when first created.

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