Hi Everybody,

Please Cc: me, I am not subscribed

I'm encountering an issue with "git svn rebase". Included in this
email is a summary of the issue, and it is fully detailed in this
stackoverflow question:

I and several other people think it's a bug, but I could not find any
reference to it in the mailing list archive.

Some people have the same issue with the same svn repository, which is
quite large.

Unfortunately I have not been able to reproduce it completely from
scratch with a new svn repository. I seems to happen only on large
repository with a lot of history, branches, and files.

Here is the summary:

*What I wanted to do:*

In a branch tracking an svn remote, fetch team's content and rebase my
commit after them.

*What I did:*

Git version: "git version 1.7.10.msysgit.1"
With a clean working copy and empty index, I typed: "git svn rebase"

*What I expected:*

Fetch a couple of commits, then a successful rebase, with at the end
an empty index, and a clean working copy.

*What actually happened:*

Fetch a couple of commits, then a successful rebase, with at the end
an index containing modification that revert my commit, and a working
copy containing the expected content ("the revert of the revert")

Please feel free to contact me directly or via the SO question for any
useful additional information.

Samuel Rossille
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