On 2012-10-29 23:35, Jeff King wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 29, 2012 at 09:19:48PM +0100, Peter Oberndorfer wrote:
>> I could reproduce with my 0x3000 bytes file on linux. The buffer is not
>> read with a trailing null byte it is mapped by mmap in
>> diff_populate_filespec...
>> So i think we will not get away with expecting a trailing null :-/
> Thanks for the reproduction recipe. I was testing with "git log", which
> does not use the mmap optimization.
>> For me the key to reproduce the problem was to have 2 commits.
>> Adding the file in the root commit it did not work. [1]
> You probably would need to pass "--root" for it to do the diff of the
> initial commit.
> The patch below fixes it, but it's terribly inefficient (it just detects
> the situation and reallocates). It would be much better to disable the
> reuse_worktree_file mmap when we populate the filespec, but it is too
> late to pass an option; we may have already populated from an earlier
> diffcore stage.
I tested your patch, and i can confirm it fixes the problem for me.
(also on my real world test in msysgit)

Again, thanks a lot!
Greetings Peter

> I guess if we teach the whole diff code that "-G" (and --pickaxe-regex)
> is brittle, we can disable the optimization from the beginning based on
> the diff options. I'll take a look.
> <snip patch>

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