On 12-11-08 07:17 AM, Michael Haggerty wrote:
> On 11/08/2012 12:39 PM, Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason wrote:
>> [...]
> I'm glad it's getting some use.  Thanks for the feedback.
>> I'll test it out some more, the issues I've had with it so far in
>> migrating from the existing script + some custom hacks we have to it
>> have been:
>>  * Overly verbose default templates, easy to overwrite now. Might send
>>    patches for some of them.
> The templating is currently not super flexible nor very well documented,
> but simple changes should be easy enough.  I mostly carried over the
> text explanations from the old post-receive-email script; it is true
> that they are quite verbose.
>>  * No ability to link to a custom gitweb, probably easy now.
> What do you mean by "a custom gitweb"?  What are the commitmail issues
> involved?

We would also like to have a gitweb link in the summary email, like Ævar

>>  * If someone only pushes one commit I'd like to only have one e-mail
>>    with the diff, but if they push multiple commits I'd like to have a
>>    summary e-mail and replies to that which have the patches.
>>    It only seemed to support the latter mode, so you send out two
>>    e-mails for pushing one commit.
> That's correct, and I've also thought about the feature that you
> described.  I think it would be pretty easy to implement; it is only not
> quite obvious to which mailing list(s?) such emails should be sent.

Overall, what should be the approach to the separate mailing lists?

Maybe I don't understand how the script is meant to work.  We configured
things here with 'mailinglist' and 'commitlist' set to different lists.  Now
if someone wants to get both the summary and per-commit emails, they need to
be on both lists.  If I understand correctly, if all 4 mailing lists are
distinct, someone who wants all the emails needs to be on all of them.  This
seems a little awkward.

I'd like there to be one list that always gets everything, and the other
lists should get subsets of the everything list.


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