On Thu, Nov 08, 2012 at 11:20:29AM -0600, Uri Moszkowicz wrote:

> I tried the patch but it doesn't appear to have helped :( Clone time
> with it was ~32m.

That sounds ridiculously long.

> Do you all by any chance have a tool to obfuscate a repository?
> Probably I still wouldn't be permitted to distribute it but might make
> the option slightly more palatable. Anything else that I can do to
> help debug this problem?

I don't have anything already written. What platform are you on? If it's
Linux, can you try using "perf" to record where the time is going?

How many refs do you have? What does:

  echo "heads: $(git for-each-ref refs/heads | wc -l)"
  echo " tags: $(git for-each-ref refs/tags | wc -l)"

report? How long does it take to look up a tag, like:

  time git cat-file tag refs/tags/some-tag


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