Jeff King <> writes:

>  Comments welcome from people using unusual editors (e.g., a script that
>  starts an editor in another window then blocks, waiting for the user to
>  finish).

I often run a shell in Emacs in X, then start git commit in that
shell.  $EDITOR is emacsclient --current-frame, which asks the
existing Emacs instance to load the file and waits until I press
C-x # in Emacs to mark the file done.  If I want to abort the
commit, it is most intuitive to return to the *Shell* buffer in
Emacs and press C-c C-c (comint-interrupt-subjob) to send SIGINT
to git from there.  (I see that "an empty message aborts the
commit", and indeed it does, but well, I prefer not to trust such
a feature if I can instead just interrupt the thing.)

With pf/editor-ignore-sigint, C-c C-c in the *Shell* buffer kills
neither git nor the emacsclient started by git.  This is not good.
SIGQUIT from C-c C-\ (comint-quit-subjob) still works though.
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