On Thu, Nov 08, 2012 at 11:34:54PM -0800, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> "W. Trevor King" <wk...@tremily.us> writes:
> > By remaining agnostic on the variable usage, this patch makes
> > submodule setup more convenient for all parties.
> I personally do not think "remaining agnostic on the usage" is a
> good thing, at least for any option to commands at the higher level
> on the stack, such as "git submodule".  I am afraid that giving an
> easier way to set up a variable with undefined semantics may make
> setup more confusing for all parties.  One party gives one specific
> meaning to the field, while another party uses it for something
> slightly different.
> I would not object to "git config submodule.$name.branch $value", on
> the other hand.  "git config" can be used to set a piece of data
> that has specific meaning, but as a low-level tool, it is not
> _limited_ to variables that have defined meaning.

This is what I'm doing now:

  $ git submodule add -b <branch> <repo> <path>
  $ git config --file .gitmodules submodule.<path>.branch <branch>
  $ git submodule foreach 'git checkout $(git config --file 
$toplevel/.gitmodules submodule.$name.branch) && git pull'

With my second patch (Phil's config export), that becomes

  $ git submodule add -b <branch> <repo> <path>
  $ git config --file .gitmodules submodule.<path>.branch <branch>
  $ git submodule foreach 'git checkout $submodule_branch && git pull'

With my first patch, that becomes

  $ git submodule add -rb <branch> <repo> <path>
  $ git submodule foreach 'git checkout $submodule_branch && git pull'

This seems pretty useful to me, but I'm still using
submodule.<name>.branch explicitly as a user, and Git is not
interpreting the option directly.  Users are free to store whatever
they like in that option, and use it however they wish:

  $ git submodule foreach 'do-crazy-stuff.sh $submodule_branch'

If we need a semantic interpretation to justify -r/--record, everyone
that's chimed in so far has agreed on the same interpretation.  I
wouldn't be averse to

  $ git submodule add -rb <branch> <repo> <path>
  $ git submodule pull-branch

which makes the foreach pull logic internal.  However, there has been
a reasonable amount of resistance to this workflow in the past, so I
thought that a patch series that avoided a semantic interpretation
would be more acceptable.

If neither an agnostic -r/--record or a semantic pull-branch command
are acceptable, I suppose we'll have to drop my first and third
patches and only keep the second.


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