Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy  <> writes:

> Patterns beginning with a slash are converted to Windows paths before
> test-wildmatch gets to see them. Avoid this case by always writing
> XXX/abc instead of /abc. The leading XXX will be removed by
> test-wildmatch itself before processing.
> Any patterns beginning with a forward slash is rejected by
> test-wildmatch to avoid the same fault in future.

The title taken together with the above explanation makes it sound
as if wildmatch code does not work with the pattern /foo on Windows
at all and to avoid the issue (instead of fixing the breakage) this
patch removes such tests.

But I suspect that is not what is going on. Perhaps the title of the
change is more like "test-wildmatch: avoid Windows path mangling"
and explain with "On Windows, any command line argument that begins
with a slash is mangled as if it were a full pathname.  This causes
patterns beginning with a slash not to be passed to test-wildmatch
correctly" or something?
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