Am 10.11.2012 22:13, schrieb Jean-Jacques Lafay:
Le samedi 10 novembre 2012 21:00:10 UTC+1, Philip Oakley a écrit :

    From: "Jean-Jacques Lafay" < <javascript:>>
    Sent: Saturday,
    November 10, 2012 5:36 PM
     > In large repos, the recursion implementation of contains(commit,
     > commit_list)
     > may result in a stack overflow. Replace the recursion with a loop to
     > fix it.
     > Signed-off-by: Jean-Jacques Lafay <

    This is a change to the main git code so it is better to submit it to
    the main git list at <javascript:> (plain text,
    no HTML, first
    post usually has a delay ;-)

    It sounds reasonable but others may have opinions and comments.

    Have you actually suffered from the stack overflow issue? You only
    suggest it as a possibility, rather than a real problem.


Yes, it actually crashed on me, and since the call is made by
GitExtension while browsing the commit history, it was quickly annoying
to have windows popping a "git.exe stopped working" message box at my
face every time I clicked on a line of the history ;-)  (well, you can
sort of work around it by having the "file tree" or "diff" tab active)

Coincidentally, as I was having a glance at the recent topics, I saw
that someone else experienced it.

However, I couldn't reproduce it on Linux : where the windows
implementations crashes at a ~32000 depth (*not* exactly 32768, mind
you), on linux it happily went through 100000 commits. I didn't take
time to look much further, but maybe on my 64 bit Linux VM, the process
can afford to reserve a much bigger address range for the stack of each
thread than the 1Mb given to 32 bit processes on windows.

I can reproduce it on Linux (Debian testing amd64) with ulimit -s 1000 to reduce the stack size from its default value of 8MB.

After reverting ffc4b8012d9a4f92ef238ff72c0d15e9e1b402ed (tag: speed up --contains calculation) the test passes even with the smaller stack, but it makes "git tag --contains" take thrice the time as before.


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