On 11/11/2012 12:16 PM, Felipe Contreras wrote:
On Sun, Nov 11, 2012 at 6:00 PM, A Large Angry SCM<gitzi...@gmail.com>  wrote:
On 11/11/2012 07:41 AM, Felipe Contreras wrote:

Such a filter would probably be quite complicated, and would decrease


The fast import stream protocol is pretty simple. All the filter really
needs to do is pass through everything that isn't a 'commit' command. And
for the 'commit' command, it only needs to do something with the 'author'
and 'committer' lines; passing through everything else.

And how do you propose to find the commit commands without parsing all
the other commands? If you randomly look for lines that begin with
'commit /refs' you might end up in the middle of a commit message or
the contents of a file.

I didn't say you didn't have to parse the protocol. I said that the protocol is pretty simple.

I agree that an additional filter _may_ decrease performance somewhat if you
are already CPU constrained. But I suspect that the effect would be
negligible compared to the all of the SHA-1 calculations.

Well. If it's so easy surely you can write one quickly, and I can measure it.

Not my itch; You care, you do it.
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