On Sun, Nov 11, 2012 at 04:13:19AM -0800, Jason Timrod wrote:

> I note that when defining a .mailmap file, that it's honoured by
> git-shotlog(1) by default, but for git-log(1) I have to define an
> entirely new --pretty= formatting option to use it.
> Why is this?  Why doesn't git-log honour this by default like
> git-shortlog does?
> Would there be a way of making .mailmap be the default without needing
> a pretty option each time to redefine the default?

I think it's mostly hysterical raisins. Mailmap grew as a shortlog
feature, and then only later became available via custom format
specifiers like "%aN", in git-blame, etc. And nobody ever updated the
stock formats.

It would make sense to me to add an option to do so, and probably to
turn it on by default for normal human-consumed formats, but probably
not for "--pretty=raw".

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