On Tue, Nov 13, 2012 at 04:55:25AM +0100, Felipe Contreras wrote:

> > No, it's not. Those broken names do not come from the environment, but
> > from our last-resort guess of the hostname.
> That depends how you define environment, but fine, the point is that
> it happens.

If you have a strawman definition that does not have anything to do with
what I said in my original email, then yes, it could happen. But as I
said already, "git var" uses IDENT_STRICT and will not allow such broken

> > We long ago switched to
> > printing the name as a warning when we have made such a guess (bb1ae3f),
> > then more recently started rejecting them outright (8c5b1ae).
> Right, but these would still happen:
> michael <mich...@michael-laptop.michael.org>

Did you read my email? I explicitly proposed that we would _not_ allow
send-email to use implicit email addresses constructed in that way.

> > But in the meantime you are causing a regression for anybody who expects
> > GIT_AUTHOR_NAME to override user.email when running git-send-email (and
> > you have taken away the prompt that they could have used to notice and
> > correct it).
> I think they can survive. If anybody like this exists.

Sorry, but that is not how things work on this project. You do not get
to cause regressions because you are too lazy to implement the feature
_you_ want in a way that does not break other people.

I tried to help you by pointing you in the right direction and even
providing a sample "git var" patch. But it is not my itch to scratch.

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