On Tue, Nov 13, 2012 at 04:46:36AM +0100, Felipe Contreras wrote:

> >> +setup () {
> >> +     (
> >> +     echo "[ui]"
> >> +     echo "username = A U Thor <aut...@example.com>"
> >> +     ) >> "$HOME"/.hgrc
> >> +}
> >
> > This makes sense, but I wonder if we should use something different from
> > the git author ident set up by the test scripts, just to double check
> > that we do not have any bugs in confusing the two during the import.
> I don't know, but these tests would not check for any of those issues.
> When such tests are added I would prefer the author to use to be
> explicitly defined, but lets see.

It's OK if we do not add more explicit tests at this point. I'd just
rather set a safer precedent on the off chance that it might catch
something in a later test, just as we use separate GIT_AUTHOR_* and
GIT_COMMITTER_* in the rest of the test suite. If the choice were not
completely arbitrary and had some maintenance cost, I might be more
concerned, but as far as I can tell, one name is as good as another at
this point.

Any objection to me marking it up as I apply?

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