Jeff King <> writes:

> On Tue, Nov 13, 2012 at 08:13:04AM -0800, Junio C Hamano wrote:
>> >> That's right, AUTHOR_IDENT would fall back to the default email and full 
>> >> name.
>> >
>> > Yeah, I find that somewhat questionable in the current behavior, and I'd
>> > consider it a bug. Typically we prefer the committer ident when given a
>> > choice (e.g., for writing reflog entries).
>> Just to make sure I follow the discussion correctly, do you mean
>> that the bug is that we pick a fuzzy AUTHOR when COMMITTER is
>> specified more concretely and we usually use COMMIITTER for this
>> kind of thing in the first place but send-email does not in this
>> case (I do not see "git var GIT_AUTHOR_IDENT" returning value from
>> the implicit logic as a bug in this case---just making sure).
> Having discussed more, I think there are two questionable things:
>   1. Preferring author over committer
>   2. Failing to fall back to committer when author is implicit or bogus
>      (because "git var" dies).
> I think (1) may fall into the "this is not how I would do it today, but
> it is not worth a possible regression" category.
> I think (2) might be worth fixing, though. Certainly when the author is
> bogus (by IDENT_STRICT rules), which I think was the original intent of
> the "$repoauthor || $repocommitter" code. Probably when the author ident
> is implicit, though that is more hazy to me.

I agree with both points.  Thanks.
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