2012/11/13 08:43:31 -0800 Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> => To Peter 
Vereshagin :
JCH> Peter Vereshagin <pe...@vereshagin.org> writes:
JCH> > Am wondering if 'checkout branch path' undeletes the files?
JCH> "git checkout branch path" (by the way, "branch" does not have to be
JCH> a branch name; any commit object name would do, like "git checkout
JCH> HEAD^^ hello.c") is a way to check out named path(s) out of the
JCH> named commit.
JCH> If the commit "branch" has "path" in it, its contents are checked
JCH> out to "path" in your current working tree (and the entry in the
JCH> index updated to match it).
JCH> If you happen to have removed "path" in your current working tree
JCH> before running that command, it might look as if there is some
JCH> undelete going on, but that is a wrong way to look at things.  The
JCH> version of "path" in the "branch" may or may not be similar to what
JCH> you have removed earlier.


I solved my problem by mean of 'git rm' instead of 'rm'.

I knew what you said here. Shortly, the difference for my case was:

 - I check out the pathdir from the commit in which the pathdir/file00 was
   already removed.

 - The current branch 'branch01' has no idea the file00 was removed. But I
   removed file00 and this is what 'branch01' assumes when I commit n ext time.

But git assumes I need 'file00' although it doesn't exist in the commit I
checkout path from. It doesn't exist by itself before I checkout that path

How can I know which one of the 'file00' versions is being checked out: the one
that did exist in the 'branch00' (the where I checkout path from) before I
removed it or the one existing in HEAD but not in the work-tree? And why this
and not that?

If it is the one that exists in a current branch but was deleted from trhe
work-tree [d4f7c70] than why it is being checked out not from the commit
supplied as an argument to git?

If it is the one that existed [c3e78ff] before the commit I checkout path from
than why it is being checked out while it doesn't exist in that commit already?

Thank you.

Peter Vereshagin <pe...@vereshagin.org> (http://vereshagin.org) pgp: A0E26627 
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