Douglas Mencken wrote:
> *Any* git clone fails with:
> fatal: premature end of pack file, 106 bytes missing
> fatal: index-pack failed
> At first, I tried 1.8.0, and it failed. Then I tried to build
> then, and it worked. Then I tried, but it fails the same way
> as 1.8.0.
> So I decided to git bisect.
> b8a2486f1524947f232f657e9f2ebf44e3e7a243 is the first bad commit
> ``index-pack: support multithreaded delta resolving''

This looks like the same problem I had on cygwin, which lead to
commit c0f86547c ("index-pack: Disable threading on cygwin", 26-06-2012).

I didn't notice which platform you are on, but maybe you also have a
thread-unsafe pread()? Could you try re-building git with the
NO_THREAD_SAFE_PREAD build variable set?


Ramsay Jones

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