On Tue, 2012-11-13 at 14:55 -0800, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> Joe Perches <j...@perches.com> writes:
> > (Sorry about the partial message.
> >  evolution and ctrl-enter sends, grumble...)
> >
> > If a file is deleted with git rm and a patch
> > is then generated with git format-patch -M -D
> > git am is unable to apply the resultant patch.
> >
> > Is this working as designed?
> I would say it is broken as designed and it is even documented.
> Please run "git format-patch --help | less" and then type
> "/--irreversible-delete" to find:
>     The resulting patch is not meant to be applied with patch nor
>     git apply; this is solely for people who want to just
>     concentrate on reviewing the text after the change.

yeah, it's just that not using -D can result in
some unfortunately large patches being sent to
mailing lists.  I don't believe that reversibility
is a really useful aspect of deletion patches
when there are known git repositories involved.

cheers, Joe

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