Am 11/14/2012 10:12, schrieb Martin Lichtin:
> Maven's release plugin prepares a call Git like in this example:
> cmd.exe /X /C "git commit --verbose -F
> C:\cygwin\tmp\maven-scm-915771020.commit pom.xml"
> Git doesn't seem to understand the -F argument and treats it like a
> relative path (relative to the repository root):
> $ cmd.exe /X /C "git commit --verbose -F C:\cygwin\tmp\commit pom.xml" 
> fatal: could not read log file 'mytestdir/C:\cygwin\tmp\commit': No
> such file or directory

According to the code, this should not happen if you are using msysgit.
For this reason, I guess you are using Cygwin git. Right?

I don't know what Cygwin programs are supposed to do if they receive an
argument that looks like a Windows style absolute path.

OTOH, it could be argued that Maven should not treat a Cygwin program like
a DOS program, and it should pass the path in the POSIXy form
/c/cygwin/tmp/commit or /tmp/commit.

-- Hannes
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