Ramkumar Ramachandra venit, vidit, dixit 14.11.2012 11:33:
> Hi,
> Angelo Borsotti wrote:
>> currently, there is no means to push a branch description to a remote
>> repository. It is possible to create a branch, but not to set its
>> description.
>> Would not be more correct to push also branch descriptions when
>> branches are pushed?
> Branch descriptions are currently stored in .git/config (see
> branch.<branchname>.description), and are hence intended to be local.
> But yes, it would be nice to have it synced with the remote- I have no
> clue how to make that possible though.

I find that nice, too, but back then I seemed to be the only one, "then"
being the time when I proposed (and implemented) branch notes as notes
(git notes) being attached to the (sha1 of the) branch name (or any
other refname). They are versioned/shareable/syncable just like notes
are. I had all of this working (git branch --notes display, git
format-patch --cover-letter and such); what was missing was a way to
attach/look-up notes for remote branches, which is related to our
current lack of default handling of remote notes refs. That's not a
fundamental problem, just a matter of agreeing about a proper default
setup for remote notes refs.

As I said, others preferred local branch descriptions (no git notes) in
config, and that's what is in git.git now.

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