Jeff King wrote:

> In v1.5.6-rc0~56^2 (2008-05-04) "user_ident_explicitly_given"
> was introduced as a global for communication between config,
> ident, and builtin-commit.  In v1.7.0-rc0~72^2 (2010-01-07)
> readers switched to using the common wrapper
> user_ident_sufficiently_given().  After v1.7.11-rc1~15^2~18
> (2012-05-21), the var is only written in ident.c.
> Now we can make it static, which will enable further
> refactoring without worrying about upsetting other code.
> Signed-off-by: Jeff King <>

For what it's worth I liked the old commit message more.  But I don't
mind either.

Hope that helps,
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