> That's not the only problem.  I believe you only get the savings when
> the main repo gets the commits first.  Which is probably ok most of
> the time but it's worth mentioning.

Well, the saving will just be deferred to the point where the commit
finally went to the main repo and downstreams are gc'ed.

> > hmm, distributed GC is a tricky problem.
> Except for one little issue (see other thread, subject line "cloning
> a
> namespace downloads all the objects"), namespaces appear to do
> everything we want in terms of the typical use cases for alternates,
> and/or 'git clone -l', at least on the server side.

hmm, not sure about the actual internals, but that namespace filtering
should work in a way that local clone should never see (or consider)
remote refs that are outside of the requested namespace. Perhaps that
should be handled entirely on server side, so all called commands treat
these refs as nonexisting.

By the way: what happens if one tries to clone from an broken repo
(which has several refs pointing to nonexisting objects ?

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