junio c hamano wrote:
 > [Stalled]
 > * pf/editor-ignore-sigint (2012-11-11) 5 commits
 >  - launch_editor: propagate SIGINT from editor to git
 >  - run-command: do not warn about child death by SIGINT
 >  - run-command: drop silent_exec_failure arg from wait_or_whine
 >  - launch_editor: ignore SIGINT while the editor has control
 >  - launch_editor: refactor to use start/finish_command
 >  Avoid confusing cases where the user hits Ctrl-C while in the editor
 >  session, not realizing git will receive the signal. Since most editors
 >  will take over the terminal and will block SIGINT, this is not likely
 >  to confuse anyone.
 >  Some people raised issues with emacsclient, which are addressed by this
 >  re-roll. It should probably also handle SIGQUIT, and there were a
 >  handful of other review comments.
 >  Expecting a re-roll.

i don't have strong feelings on any of the later review comments
(though i guess the check on finish_command()'s return code needed
attention), and wasn't the last submitter, but would certainly like to
see this move forward.

 paul fox, p...@foxharp.boston.ma.us (arlington, ma, where it's 26.1 degrees)
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