Ulrich Spörlein <u...@spoerlein.net> writes:

> But this will never be changed, it would break the fundamental git
> storage model as it is in place now.

It doesn't just break "storage model", but more importantly, it
breaks the semantics.

Imagine that things started breaking after merging your topic branch
'foo' to the integration branch 'master', and how people would
perceive the situation.  Everybody would say your topic 'foo' broke
the build.  Nobody except you would say, even if the tip of your
topic 'foo' alone works perfectly, merging the 'master' to your
topic 'foo' broke that topic.  The topic should have been adjusted
to the updated baseline, that is the 'master' branch before this
merge since your topic 'foo' forked off of it, before or during the

To express what was merged into what, the order of parents in the
commit is fundamentally a part of what a commit is.
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