Am 21.11.2012 01:13, schrieb Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer:
Well, two ideas come to my mind:

- detect when using git flow (.git/config contains [gitflow "some_branch"]

Shouldn't it be part of the gitflow package then?

- Show "swim-lane"-like graphs, including branches that may not be present,
but where there (release branches often are created and merged back, for

As a general feature there could be a config option gitk reads with an ordered list of branch names (with wildcards). Those branches would always be printed in gitk as the leftmost branches (i.e. have their own lane on the left side). All other branches would be shown normally.

This would give you part of what you want, a special lane at least for master and develop and for branches you can group under wildcard branch names (for example if you prefix all release branches with "rel-").

And it would give others the ability to make special branches in gitk more visible.

(Yes I know, I'm talking again of stuff I won't have time or ability to implement ;-). Sigh)

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