Junio C Hamano wrote:
Jeff King <p...@peff.net> writes:


Not exactly.  There are three classes of people:

- wrote scripts using --get; found out that --get barfs if you feed
  two or more of the same, and have long learned to accept it as a
  limitation and adjusted their configuration files to avoid it.
  They have been doing just fine and wouldn't benefit from this
  series at all.

- wrote scripts using --get, relying on it barfing if fed zero
  (i.e. missing) or two or more (i.e. ambiguous), perhaps a way to
  keep their configuration files (arguably unnecessarily) clean.
  They are directly harmed by this series.

- wrote scripts using --get-all and did the last-one-wins
  themselves.  They wouldn't benefit directly from this series,
  unless they are willing to spend a bit of time to remove their
  own last-one-wins logic and replace --get-all with --get (but the
  same effort is needed to migrate to --get-one).

- wanted to write scripts using --get, but after finding out that
  it barfs if you feed two, gave up emulating the internal, without
  realizing that they could do so with --get-all.  They can now
  write their scripts without using --get-all.

There are three classes ofpeople: those that can count and those that can't

Sorry could not resist ;-)

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