Hello everyone,

we recently switched to git and so far it's doing a terriffic job.
Today though, we had a problem that we couldn't figure until now.

We have a master, a develop and a refactor branch. Today we merged refactor into develop, which dramatically changes some source files. I needed to change only one line in master and develop afterwards.

So i changed it in develop and cherry picked it into master.

 $ git cherry-pick a165eb8c7b4306f349a9754102315195a17208ab

Got of course a conflict and also know that this was a bad idea. So i decided to reset this to HEAD and do a checkout from my HEAD after.

 $ git reset HEAD somefile
 $ git checkout -- somefile

After that i modified my line by hand in the file (so the original modification from develop wasn't there), made a diff afterwards (which only showed the modification of the one line) and committed my changes.

 $ git diff somefile
 $ git push

In the end the new file from develop was pushed to master, which isn't of course what i wanted.

What did i do wrong? Why does git reset to the develop HEAD during the merge? Why is the checkout of the file a version of the file before the cherry-picked commit? Why does my diff show only the one changed line?

A lot of questions i know. I'm totally new to git so can someone please help me!

Thank you in advance!

kind regards,

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