Marc Khouzam <> writes:

> The user can be presented with invalid completion results
> when trying to complete a 'git checkout' command.  This can happen
> when using a branch name prefix that matches multiple remote branches.
> For example, if available branches are:
>   master
>   remotes/GitHub/maint
>   remotes/GitHub/master
>   remotes/origin/maint
>   remotes/origin/master
> When performing completion on 'git checkout ma' the user will be
> given the choices:
>   maint
>   master
> ...
> When dealing with 'git checkout mai', the list will be:
>   maint
>   maint

Wow, the description feels a tad repetitive for a one liner (it
describes "uniq -u" without pre-sort is wrong at least three times),
it would be better than no log message ;-)

I originally thought "uniq -u" was a misspelled "sort -u" when I
first saw your shorter version, but reading the code to see what is
fed to the command made it immediately obvious "sort | uniq -u" is
the right fix.  With the above explanation, you do not even need to
read the code to see what is fed to the command (it is explained ;-).

So, thanks for the fix.
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