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> [...]
> +You must have a test, written to report in TAP (Test Anything Protocol).
> +Tests are executables (usually shell scripts) that live in the 't' 
> +subdirectory of the tree.  Each test name begins with 't' and a sequence
> +number that controls where in the test sequence it will be executed;
> +conventionally the rest of the name stem is that of the command 
> +being tested.
> +
> +If your test requires an example repository, create it yourself in the
> +test script.  There is a test library of shell functions that assists
> +wit this; when you use it, the environment is set in a predictable way
> +so the author, committer and timestamps are all set to a single well
> +known value, allowing git to create a commit that is reproducible on
> +all platforms. A test_tick function is used in the scripts to move the
> +clock, allowing different times to be used. For an example see
> +t7502-commit.sh, or really any script in that directory.

I think that here a reference to the file t/README would help (and
perhaps make part of your text redundant).


Michael Haggerty
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