There were two functions doing almost the same XML quoting of
character entities, so implement a library function
strbuf_addstr_xml_quoted() and use that in both places.

Along the way, do a lot of simplification within imap-send.c, which
was doing a lot of its own string management instead of using strbuf.

Please note that "git imap-send" is utterly absent from the test
suite, probably due to the difficulty of testing without a real IMAP
server.  I ran some manual tests after my changes and didn't find any

The bug that I reported on 2012-11-12, namely that

    git format-patch --signoff --stdout --attach origin | git imap-send

is broken, is not addressed by these patches.

Michael Haggerty (8):
  Add new function strbuf_add_xml_quoted()
  xml_entities(): use function strbuf_addstr_xml_quoted()
  lf_to_crlf(): NUL-terminate msg_data::data
  imap-send: store all_msgs as a strbuf
  imap-send: correctly report errors reading from stdin
  imap-send: change msg_data from storing (char *, len) to storing
  wrap_in_html(): use strbuf_addstr_xml_quoted()
  wrap_in_html(): process message in bulk rather than line-by-line

 http-push.c |  23 +--------
 imap-send.c | 157 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++---------------------------------
 strbuf.c    |  26 ++++++++++
 strbuf.h    |   6 +++
 4 files changed, 104 insertions(+), 108 deletions(-)


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