Brandon Casey dixit:

>The number of threads that pack uses can be configured in the global
>or system gitconfig file by setting pack.threads.
>The other setting you should probably look at is pack.windowMemory
>which should help you control the amount of memory git uses while
>packing.  Also look at core.packedGitWindowSize and
>core.packedGitLimit if your repository is really large.

OK, thanks a lot!

I can’t really say much about the repositories beforehand
because it’s a generic code hosting platform, several instances
of which we run at my employer’s place (I also run one privately
now), and which is also run by e.g. Debian. But I’ll try to figure
out some somewhat sensible defaults.

>Running 'git gc' with --aggressive should be as safe as running it
>without --aggressive.

OK, thanks.

>But, you should think about whether you really need to run it more
>than once, or at all.  When you use --aggressive, git will perform the

Great explanation!

I think that I’d want to run it once, after the repository has
been begun to be used (probably not correct English but you know
what I want to say), but have to figure out a way to do so… but
I’ll just leave out the --aggressive from the cronjob then.

Much appreciated,
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ting, d.A.] mechanically produce pretty output that accentuates irrelevant
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