I found an interesting bug in git-format-patch.

Say you have a branch A.  You create branch B and add a patch to it. You then 
merge that patch into branch A. After the merge, some other process (we will 
call it 'gerrit') uses annotate and changes the comment on the patch that 
exists on branch B.

Now someone runs git-format-patch for the last n patches on branch A.  You 
should just get the original patch that was merged over to branch A.  What you 
get is the patch that was merged to branch A *and* the patch with the modified 
commit comment on branch B. (Double the patches, double the clean-up...)

This is should be one of those rare corner case "don't do that" occurrences. 
Unfortunately it does happen once in a while on our branches and it screws up 
some of the automated processes we rely on.

Is there a way around that (other than "don't") or can this be fixed?

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