On 08/10, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> Johannes Schindelin <johannes.schinde...@gmx.de> writes:
> > On Wed, 9 Aug 2017, Stefan Beller wrote:
> >
> >> > I am sure that something even better will be possible: a Continuous
> >> > "Integration" that fixes the coding style automatically by using
> >> > `filter-branch` (avoiding the merge conflicts that would arise if
> >> > `rebase -i` was used).
> >> 
> >> I do not quite follow. Is that to be used by Junio while integrating
> >> branches?
> >
> > I was more thinking about a bot on GitHub. "Code cleanup as a service".
> I vaguely recall that there was a discussion to have SubmitGit wait
> for success from Travis CI; if that is already in place, then I can
> sort of see how it would help individual contributors to have the
> style checker in that pipeline as well.  
> I have a mixed feelings about "fixing" styles automatically, though.

I still think we are far away from a world where we can fix style
automatically.  If we do want to keep pursuing this there are a number
steps we'd want to take first.

1. Settle on a concrete style and document it using a formatter's rules
   (in say a .clang-format file).  This style would most likely need to
   be tuned a little bit, at least the 'Penalty' configuration would
   need to be tuned which (as far as I understand it) is used to
   determine which rule to break first to ensure a line isn't too long.

2. Start getting contributors to use the tool to format their patches.
   This would include having some script or hook that a contributor
   could run to only format the sections of code that they touched.

3. Slowly the code base would begin to have a uniform style.  At
   some point we may want to then reformat the remaining sections of the
   code base.  At this point we could have some automated bot that fixes

I'm sure I missed a step in there somewhere though.

Brandon Williams

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