Kevin Willford <> writes:

> Changes since last patch:
> 1. Use start_progress_delay so progress isn't shown if generating
>    the patches is fast enough
> 2. Updated to have text of "Generating patches"
> 3. Only show progress when the --progress flag is passed
> 4. In the rebase script check stderr and the quiet option is not
>    set before propagating the progress flag to format-patch
> Kevin Willford (2):
>   format-patch: have progress option while generating patches
>   rebase: turn on progress option by default for format-patch

Do you have a pointer to the previous discussion handy (if you do
not, that is OK---I think I can dig the list archive myself)?

Also, your patch messages appear from you at gmail yet signed off by
you at microsoft.  Please make them consistent (I can fix them up
while queuing _this_ time, but I do not want forever doing that for
future patches from you or other people).  One easy workaround to do
so without convincing your mailer to put your microsoft address on
the sender's From: line in the e-mail is to put an extra

    From: Kevin Without <>

line, followed by a blank line, at the very beginning of the body of
the e-mail message.


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