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> On Sun, Nov 25, 2012 at 11:44 AM, Michael Haggerty
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> > On the contrary, there is *constant* traffic on the mailing list
> > about incompatibilities between different shell implementations (sh,
> > dash, bash, etc), not to mention those in other utilities (sed,
> > grep, etc) that one is forced to work with in shell scripts.
> > Compatibility is a *huge* pain when developing shell code for git.
> > The fact that users typically don't encounter such problems is due
> > to the hard work of POSIX lawyers on the mailing list correcting the
> > compatibility errors of mortal programmers.
> *Theoretical* incompatibilities on probably obscure systems. *I* have
> never seen such compatibility issues *in practice*.

While "constant traffic" probably overstates the issue, these are not
theoretical problems. I recall at least three cases in the last year
or so where Git has seen breakage with Solaris or Mac OS X because
of sed or tr incompatibilities, and I don't even read this list that


Magnus Bäck
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