Felipe Contreras <felipe.contre...@gmail.com> writes:

>> This is not just "just shuffle the die to make it explicit" but it
>> does change the semantics; earlier ref->deletion was perfectly fine
>> as long as data->refspecs is not given, but the new code always
>> dies.
>> If this semantic change is a good thing, please explain why it is so
>> in the log message.  If the change is "it does not matter because
>> when data->refspecs is not given and ref->deletion is set, we die
>> later elsewhere in the code anyway", then it needs to be described.
> refspecs are optional, but when they are not present the code doesn't
> work at all. This patch changes the behavior that was totally broken
> anyway.

In case it was not clear, I did not request/expect responses in the
discussion thread, but a rerolled series with updated description.

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