On 28/11/12 19:02, Piotr Krukowiecki wrote:
>     Is your setting?:
>     PROMPT_COMMAND=__git_ps1
> That's right
>     I believe you need to give 2 parameters in order to use it in
>     PROMPT_COMMAND mode.
> Are you sure? git-prompt.sh says:
> #    3a) In ~/.bashrc set PROMPT_COMMAND=__git_ps1
> #        To customize the prompt, provide start/end arguments
> #        PROMPT_COMMAND='__git_ps1 "\u@\h:\w" "\\\$ "'
> I interpret this as: if you don't want to customize the prompt, the
> simple "PROMPT_COMMAND=__git_ps1" is enough.

I'm sure, although you're right this documentation is wrong...
I guess it must have slipped by when the final changes were made to the
code. (The requirement to have 2 arguments for PROMPT_COMMAND mode were
one of the last changes before being accepted into the release process.)

I've been too busy with other stuff to take another look at this in the

perhaps the point should read like this:
#    3a) In ~/.bashrc set PROMPT_COMMAND
#        To customize the prompt, provide start/end arguments
#        PROMPT_COMMAND='__git_ps1 "\u@\h:\w" "\\\$ "'

Which would not be confusing at all, I think...

>     These last 2 lines say: if 2 arguments are given, use pcmode.
>     Otherwise you get command-subtitution mode, which gives weird
>     effects when being called from PROMPT_COMMAND.
> Still, it seems to work with above "patch"..

It only works in your specific case, since you're expecting the branch
info before the rest of your prompt. The output comes from the part of
the code that is meant for substitution mode ;-)


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