On Wed, Nov 28, 2012 at 07:11:47AM -0500, Peter van der Does wrote:

> I am writing a tool, it needs to store branch names in a separate config
> file.
> It's clear git doesn't respect those values, hence my question. I
> understand how to work around the problem, I would just prefix the key.
> I was just wondering if it was by design, which I guess it is as the
> parsing of the file will die if the key starts with a non-alpha
> character.

In that case, I would definitely say to use some prefix section like
"section.$branchname.key". That is how git stores per-branch information
(e.g., branch.master.merge), and it was always designed to let there be
arbitrary data in the "middle" section, whereas the section and key are
restricted and case-insensitive.

So no, I do not recall "cannot start with number" as a specific design
decision, but it is definitely a design decision that the section name
would not allow arbitrary content.

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