On Wed, Nov 21, 2012 at 12:05 AM, Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> wrote:
> Here is a list of stalled topics I am having trouble deciding what
> to do (the default is to dismiss them around feature freeze).


> * as/check-ignore (2012-11-08) 14 commits
>  - t0007: fix tests on Windows
>  - Documentation/check-ignore: we show the deciding match, not the first
>  - Add git-check-ignore sub-command
>  - dir.c: provide free_directory() for reclaiming dir_struct memory
>  - pathspec.c: move reusable code from builtin/add.c
>  - dir.c: refactor treat_gitlinks()
>  - dir.c: keep track of where patterns came from
>  - dir.c: refactor is_path_excluded()
>  - dir.c: refactor is_excluded()
>  - dir.c: refactor is_excluded_from_list()
>  - dir.c: rename excluded() to is_excluded()
>  - dir.c: rename excluded_from_list() to is_excluded_from_list()
>  - dir.c: rename path_excluded() to is_path_excluded()
>  - dir.c: rename cryptic 'which' variable to more consistent name
>  Duy helped to reroll this, but it seems that there weren't any
>  activity since then during my absense.

I have been delayed several times, but I finally resumed work on
another re-roll.  I don't think there is any major reworking required;
just a number of small tweaks.

> * as/test-tweaks (2012-09-20) 7 commits
>  - tests: paint unexpectedly fixed known breakages in bold red
>  - tests: test the test framework more thoroughly
>  - [SQUASH] t/t0000-basic.sh: quoting of TEST_DIRECTORY is screwed up
>  - tests: refactor mechanics of testing in a sub test-lib
>  - tests: paint skipped tests in bold blue
>  - tests: test number comes first in 'not ok $count - $message'
>  - tests: paint known breakages in bold yellow
>  Various minor tweaks to the test framework to paint its output
>  lines in colors that match what they mean better.
>  Has the "is this really blue?" issue Peff raised resolved???

I have a re-roll of this ready - just need to rebase to latest master,
do a final sanity check, and then send.

Sorry again for the delays.
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