Am 01.12.2012 00:52, schrieb Phil Hord:
> If I never 'submodule init' a submodule, it does not get visited by
> 'git submodule foreach', among others.  I think some people use this
> behavior explicitly.
> On the other hand, I've also notice that a submodule which I have
> removed does not get de-inited later one.  It causes my 'git submodule
> foreach' to emit errors.  :-(

I'm currently hacking on "git submodule deinit" which removes the 'url'
setting from git/config. This should do the trick for you, right?

Just removing that submodule automagically would not work that well, as
it would deinitialize a submodule when you switch to a branch where it
isn't present and you'd have to reinitialize it when you come back.
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