Antoine Pelisse <> writes:

> I feel like (but I can obviously be wrong):
> 1. The info is redundant. When performing a merge, all diffs (without
> --staged flag) are unmerged

Yes, it is redundant.  They are primarily meant as a warning to
anybody who runs "git diff --stat" while their index is not fully
merged so that they do not mistakenly think they are looking at
meaningful numbers.  The number of added lines likely includes the
conflict markers you haven't dealt with ;-)

> 2. While status shows the line once, while diff shows the diff for the file
> once, while diff --shortstat counts the file once, diff --stat shows two
> lines for the file.

Yeah, don't use shortstat while your index is unmerged.

> 3. diff --numstat shows two lines for the same file. As a script
> writer (I guess that's what it's meant for), I would definitely expect
> uniqueness in third column/filenames.

Then your script wouldn't receive any hint in the output that you
are reading from a nonsense input.  When you see the same filename
twice, you will know there is something strange (not just "I seem to
have more added lines than I thought I added -- Ah, I see added
files from both sides because I still have conflicts unresolved")
that gives you a chance to notice.
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