As an example to make this clearer:

  $ cat .gitmodules
  [submodule "sub1"]
    path = sub1
    url = git://
    remote = remote1
    branch = branch1
    update-source = submodule-upstream
    update = rebase
  [submodule "sub2"]

Means that `git submodule update sub1` will fetch remote1 and rebase
the current sub1 checkout against the tip of remote1/branch1.  The
git:// URL is not actually used during this
update.  Presumably the user setup remote1 intentionally in the
submodule, and wants to use the URL they've configured there.

Perhaps I need to ammend my

  submodule update: add submodule.<name>.remote config option

patch (#4) to adjust the remote that has it's URL changed by `sync`?

I may also want to append some form of the following commit (from my
submodule.<name>.active proposal):

  submodule add: configure existing submodule url if not set [1]



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