On 11/30/2012 08:50 PM, Torsten Bögershausen wrote:
>> Having a ".git" entry inside a tree can cause confusing
>> results on checkout. At the top-level, you could not
>> checkout such a tree, as it would complain about overwriting
>> the real ".git" directory. In a subdirectory, you might
>> check it out, but performing operations in the subdirectory
>> would confusingly consider the in-tree ".git" directory as
>> the repository.
> [snip]
>> +    int has_dotgit = 0;
> Name like "." or ".." are handled as directories by the OS.

The patch is for the index, where they're handled as whatever the mode
claims it is. The patch doesn't touch those parts though.

> ".git" could be a file or a directory, at least in theory,
> and from the OS point of view,
> but we want to have this as a reserved name.
> Looking at bad directory names, which gives trouble when checking out:
> Should we check for "/" or "../blabla" as well?

Apart from the checks already in place, checking for git's internal
directory separator marker (which is '/') is enough to catch both,
and that check is done.

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