W dniu 03.12.2012 22:15, Stefan Haller pisze:
> Lukasz Stelmach <stl...@poczta.fm> wrote:
>> Enable gitk read and write repository specific configuration
>> file: ".git/k" if the file exists. To make gitk use the local
>> file simply create one, e.g. with the touch(1) command.
> I'm not sure I like this proposal. While it may be desirable to have
> *some* settings stored per repository, for most settings I want them to
> be remembered globally.

The way it works with my patch, gitk reads global settings from ~/.gitk.
So you can treat it as a template. Then, when you exit it saves to local
file if it exists. This of course means you can't override settings from
./.git/k with something from ~/.gitk by simply choosing to on GUI.
However, it takes no more than removing appropriate line from .git/k to
get the value from ~/.gitk.

IMHO this is a reasonable compromise which is available at no cost as
far as data structure complexity is concerned. Choosing where to save
what would require a bit of information per configuration variable. With
a mask saved locally surprises may come when you change a variable,
forget to localise it and it pops in a different repository. My
approach, however simplistic, avoids this particular pitfall.

> Git-gui tries to solve this by presenting two panes in the preferences
> dialog, so that I can choose the scope of every setting I change. This
> still doesn't help for things that are remembered implicitly, like the
> window size.
> I don't have good suggestions how to solve this; just pointing out
> problems.

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