Hi guys,
I tried to use url.insteadof to get URLs mapped correctly, starting with a 
double-slash (//). Unfortunately, Git doesn't recognize that and still tries to 
connect to the original URL. I am using Git in a productive environment. On 
Windows desktops, MsysGit 1.7.11 and 1.8.0. On ubuntu clients Git (as 
delivered with the distro).

Problem is, that we have lots and lots of submodules, with URLs like 
//thegitserver/.../therepo.git. Now I'd like to checkout on the Ubuntu machine 
for the CI system. Should not be much of a preblem - well, in theory.

Let's replace the windows url's (//someserver/repo.git) with a mounted CIFS 
path (/media/samba_share/repo.git). On MsysGit this works as long as the server 
is reachable. On Ubuntu it completely doesn't work. All comes down to the 
url-alias, which seems not to be replaced correctly when using windows 
double-slash url's.
I'd like to give some more samples to show what's happening:
To access cross-plattform file systems I mounted the windows share via samba 
(e.g. on /media/samba_share). This works fine and we are able to clone the main 
repositories by using:
$ git clone /media/samba_share/repo.git
Now let's get the submodules:
$ git submodule init -> writes the "wrong" //thegitserver/... URLs in the 
$ git submodule update -> fails because of the CIFS double-slash url's.

What to do? Simply define a "url.insteadof" alias
[url "/media/samba_share"]
    insteadof = //thegitserver

Uh, oh. Doesn't help.
The following would work like expected, but is not usable for my case. I would 
have to rewrite all URLs, what I don't want to do (maybe in the future):
[url "/media/samba_share"]
  insteadof = file:////serverurl
On MsysGit, replacing the double-slash works, as long as the URL is reachable 
(meaning the server has to be online). Otherwise it behaves the same like Linux.
Sample error Message:
fatal: repository '//thegitserver/.../repository.git' does not exist
The URL should be: /media/samba_share/.../repository.git
This seems to be the only case. Other URLs work like expected.

Seems like this is a bug in Git. Or did I miss something?

Please help!


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