Junio C Hamano wrote:
> A release candidate preview, Git v1.8.1-rc0, is now available for
> testing at the usual places.
> This cycle has been a bit slow (perhaps because it had a major US
> holiday to slow people down) but we seem to have managed to apply
> reasonably large number of usability improvement changes, with a
> handful of new features.  There are several new and large-ish topics
> that are cooking in 'next', but I think we would better keep them
> cooking there without merging them to 'master' before the upcoming
> release to happen before the year end.  So as far as features goes,
> this preview release is pretty much *it*.
> The release tarballs are found at:
>     http://code.google.com/p/git-core/downloads/list
> and their SHA-1 checksums are:
> 39faaa15bc71f8eb52048e77ea564cecf78c7adf  git-1.8.1.rc0.tar.gz
> 2eeba24488337de02b58dc442258d58b79e2b8f4  git-htmldocs-1.8.1.rc0.tar.gz
> b28d1f8e8b9268b712b33fbdfb67dd6f14afb499  git-manpages-1.8.1.rc0.tar.gz
> Also the following public repositories all have a copy of the v1.8.1-rc0
> tag and the master branch that the tag points at:
>   url = git://repo.or.cz/alt-git.git
>   url = https://code.google.com/p/git-core/
>   url = git://git.sourceforge.jp/gitroot/git-core/git.git
>   url = git://git-core.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/git-core/git-core
>   url = https://github.com/gitster/git

I fetch git from 'git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/git/git.git' which has
commit ee26a6e2 ("Git 1.8.1-rc0", 03-12-2012), but is missing the v1.8.1-rc0
tag. Is this just an oversight (the above list suggests not), or should I not
be using kernel.org?

Ramsay Jones

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