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> Hi,
> I've written a tool to stitch the first-parent histories of several
> git repositories.  To illustrate, consider that we have a toplevel
> git
> repository inside which the other repositories reside.
> I'd like to know whether the tool would be useful to a wider
> audience,
> before I polish it and consider submitting it for inclusion in
> contrib/.  I think the tool is especially useful for running bisect
> and tracking bugs that occur in large projects that consist of many
> git repositories.  Will a unified log showing commits in different
> submodules be useful?

I think it is useful. I did something like that creating a super-repo
for performing a bisect over EGit and JGit over a period over a year.
I don't think I restricted myself to the first parent, which was probably
a mistake.

The solution isn't perfect, but provided that is well-known you can
live with that. A problem I found was that many stiches versions weren't
even compilable so one might want to have the option of matching commits
using a window of some sort to identify compilable combinations and have
the ability to use only those for bisect. I'm not sure it's practical though.

-- robin
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