Can you help to clarify such question.
We have 2 different projects.
Name of first project say "server".
Second - "client".
Every project has own maven build structure.
Server produces the war archive for deployment.
The Client project produces the client jar for testing Server application.
Aside from these projects we should store different artefacts like prototypes for developing pages for server project.
There are two opinions about approach to arrangement git repository.

1) Create one repository
Create 3 separate folders inside of src directory. So we will have such structure :
root of repository
contains 2 different maven projects and folder for prototypes files

2)Create for every maven project and prototypes separate repository.

The root of maven project begins from src folder in every repository ( and The xml files and images of prototypes will be inside of
I believe the second approach more proper git-approach.
Such approach allows team to use such advanced git features like branging, merging, stash etc.

What approach is proper?


Best regards

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